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Depending on the specific situation of each case, authors receive the advice of the publisher or editor concerning the structure of the book, the graphic design of the cover, the final appearance of the book and other important items that matter for publication.


STEF Publishing House may mediate the relationship with the reviewers or may provide  prefaces, afterwords, chronicles on the editorial appearances, book releases (mainly when it comes to literary fiction).

The manuscript is evaluated and the publisher proposes the corrections deemed as necessary.
We offer complete services: typing the manuscripts, proofreading, editing, designing the cover and other graphic elements, mediation translations when needed, printing and sending the books by courier, cash on delivery.

Typing gets done at a high quality level. Depending on the specifics of each book, the editor decides the most appropriate preparation for printing (translating and processing of documents from inadequate formats to a printing-friendly format) and negotiates the final price,  from the initial standard price offer.
STEF Publishing House does not intend to sell you ISBN codes or CIP descriptions. The application is a free service.


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