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Editura Stef Iasi Since 2003, we meet the needs of the authors, offering them the possibility to edit and print their intellectual original work in a wide range of fields gathered in six collections:

Stef Debut

Stef Educaţional

Stef Academic

Stef Universal

Stef Diverse

Stef Junior


STEF Publishing House has been accredited by CNCSIS since 2006 and continues to improve its editorial standards through an abiding development program.

If you choose to collaborate with us, you can express your ideas and print your books at low prices, having the technical support of a modernly equipped typography.

We are the only accredited Publishing House in Iaşi not to impose a specific limit of copies. We can print books in a single copy, keeping the lowest price.

STEF Publishing House offers editorial advice, advantageous editing solutions and the possibility to mediate evaluation and endorsement of publishing reviewers.


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