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Grupul de firme STEF

distribuitor de copiatoare, imprimante, faxuri, consumabile
centre de copiere estef
centre de copiere iasi
centre de copiere estef
centre de copiere
centre de copiere estef
centre de copiere


The editorial team analyzes the proposed texts, to see in which of the editorial policy / editorial category they fit, and if they meet the editorial standards of quality.

The editorial members communicate to the author / authors their decision and, when needed, their notes and recommendations to improve the piece of work.

STEF Publishing House’s editorial work consists in selecting materials that are intended for publication, preparing them for print, printing and dissemination of the following types of printed matters:

  • Fiction;

  • Documentary pieces of work;

  • Academic books;

  • Technical books;

  • Children's books;

  • Journals and periodicals of academic, scientific, or cultural invoice;

  • Cultural books;

  • Promotional materials;

  • Online publications etc.


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