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Editura Stef Iasi

Stef Printing House makes use of the best and first digital printing machines in Iaşi, printing up to 250 book copies.

When needed, we can provide even a single copy of the paper work, keeping the lowest prices.

All color printing gets done on the best digital machines in the Moldavian region.

For editions larger than 250 of copies, STEF Printing House uses offset technology.

Professional services provided:

• High speed, black and white/color digital printing

• Print sizes up to A3+

• Express multiplication of documents, in large print runs

• Brochures, flyers, posters, letterheads, invitations

• Book printing in any standard format

• Quality color digital printing of book covers

• Design and drafting of book covers

• Preparation for printing for already edited books

• Broaching with thermal glue and aesthetic finishing of books

• Aesthetic finishing of books by art-sewing bindery

Upon request, we provide complete editorial services: book editing (proofreading, pagination, ISBN code and CIP description from The National Roumanian Library, legal deposit expedition etc.).


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